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seagull_guitar(2-8-2012)This is the day I turned 60 yrs old. I made my bucket list to celebrate. There was only one thing on it, learn to play guitar. So I bought the guitar on the right for my birthday present!

(5-30-13) The only reason to have this website is for somebody to connect with me to play some music. A secondary reason is to archive the progress of my playing. I am only an beginner/intermediate player at best. I have been playing for about 15 months, exclusively on acoustic guitar. Had a little experience for a year as a pre-teen and couple years of mid-30’s just jamming to headphones on an electric. I have spent most of my early practice time improvising through the 12 bar blues because that is what I really like to play. When I can play the Robert Johnson blues collection on my acoustic guitar, I may move to an electric (can be convinced otherwise). I expect to be a respectable player by my 65th birthday (less than 4 yrs). Means I will play the Hendrix tune “Little Wing” effortlessly during my practice sessions.

D15M(2/8/17) 65th birthday has arrived and I am not much better a guitar player than I was 3 years ago. Playing the old songs doesn’t interest me anymore. Since I can’t sing, what’s the point? I still play, but usually just make stuff up. A professional guitarist I met floating down the Comal River told me to keep playing because one day everything would “click”. Well, it hasn’t happened for me.

(4-11-21) My first electric guitar rig arrives. I am wanting more than just playing rhythm and chords. I am putting the guitar and amplifier on my “man cave” backyard patio. I love being out there and this way I can play loud without disturbing any loved ones inside the house. Everything works on wireless and bluetooth signals so no electric chords anywhere.

(11-18-21) After playing electric guitar exclusively since last Easter, I decided to purchase atelecaster “pocket” recording/mixer studio. My intent is to capture what I play to hear if it sounds as good as it does in my headphones the second time around. My audio streaming service has found a bunch of new bands I like to play along with. To no surprise, I sound better playing with a “band” than not.

(12/29/21)  I start recording my favorite songs into track 4 of my pocket studio, then I play rhythm guitar on track 1 and lead guitar on track 2. On my first song, I really practice what I plan to play and it comes out nicely. On the second song, I decided to improvise  the track 2 lead. To my surprise, I was suddenly soloing over the song easily. During the playback I realized I had “clicked” and had my “ah ha” moment where guitar playing became natural and no longer a struggle. All the non-acoustic songs on this website have been recorded ever since!

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